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The lack of silver

GoldCoin.org Marylene

We have been talking a lot about the shortage of silver.

Here is some more coming from srsroccoreport.com. Extract :

This chart says it all.  According to the data found on Sharelynx.com, the top eight traders (COT Report) held a concentrated short position equaling 181 days of global silver production.  Compare this to platinum at 119 days, palladium at 95 days, gold at 65 days, copper at 10 days and oil at a paltry 3 days:

Silver coming first

Silver coming first

Basically, the top eight traders are short half a year’s worth of world silver mine supply.  That’s a great deal of leverage by these traders as the world enters into the next financial collapse.  I would imagine this leverage just might add serious fuel to the rising paper price of silver, as these traders experience one of the greatest silver short-squeezes in history.

Silver is expected to raise. We do not know when exactly but one thing for sure you need to make yourself ready now.

Stack silver now while it still time and possible.

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